Gorgeous tableware your guests will talk about


Let us introduce Dinosaur Designs: resin tableware that is handmade in Australia. Each piece is unique and that's what we like most about the brand: no piece is like the other - you´ll own your own unique plate, salad or fruit bowl!

The Designers behind the brand are couple Louise Olsen & Stephen Ormandy from Sydney. In their studio in Strawberry Hills they mostly get inspired by nature, which is the reason that they use sustainable working methods and try to minimise waste and electricity consumption. The result are gorgeous resin tableware like plates, bowls, vases and many more, made to the highest standards!

The resin itself offers many possibilities to work with and leads to great contrast in textures. To each piece are then elements of silver, brass or glass added for individual swirls and colours.

We carry a small selection of the latest collection "petal pearl" in our store in Zurich. Come by and choose your favourite piece to beautify your home and enchant your guests.