Clothing made from sustainable materials is no longer just a niche product. We want and have to conserve the resources of our planet in order to secure our own existence and that of our descendants.

As cotton is expected to become more scarce and thus more expensive over the next few years, textile companies and fashion labels are looking for alternatives. A gloomy future is predicted for synthetic fabrics, and not only because of their environmental impact. Textile associations also assume that the prices for man-made fibres will rise because oil is becoming in short supply - the base product of synthetic fibres. Laboratories are therefore already researching alternatives made from fungi, corn and banana plants.

From a customer's point of view, sustainable clothing should look good and be comfortable despite careful manufacturing. We carry various brands that combine exactly that. One of them is Los Angeles-based label Shaina Mote, which not only uses conscientiously and sustainably produced materials for their timeless collections, but also stands out for its functionality and intelligent design. A label that has thus been thinking about the future for a long time!

We would like to briefly introduce some of the materials used by the brand because the myth of synthetic fibres often clings stubbornly to names like Rayon, Tencel or Modal - and wrongly so!


At Shaina Mote, sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees are used to make a fabric that has the comfort, breathability and durability of cotton. In addition, it is produced with minimal water consumption in a closed loop system. So Shaina's Tencel has all the advantages of cotton, without any of the waste!

Shaina Mote Avignon Top
Shaina Mote Avignon Top


Most of Shaina Mote's knitwear is made from MicroModal, which is knitted locally in Los Angeles. Made from beech trees and with minimal ecological impact, a fabric is obtained that is incredibly soft, smooth, luxurious and yet breathable. This makes the fabric fall beautifully and nestles comfortably to the body.

Shaina Mote shawl blouse


This fibre is often associated with plastics, but is actually made of wood pulp from trees. The pulp can be woven in various ways, resulting in a wide range of fabric options. Particularly attractive about Rayon is its easy wearability and beautiful drape.

Shaina Mote Aster Skirt

Shaina Mote Aster Skirt