Socks that are simply 'bon'


Socks are not just socks! We have been searching for good socks that not only look good but also feel super comfortable in our shoes. Luckily one day, we came across Le Bon Shoppe. We not only love their socks but also the story behind their brand:

Three girlfriends met in the fashion industry and bonded instantly over their love for good food, vintage-hunting, natural textiles, and the road less traveled. Tired of the fleeting trendiness of fast-fashion and the inflated premiums of the high fashion industry, they dreamed of finding a better middle way where fashion was beautiful, had character and was made to last in both quality and aesthetics.

The dream turned into action when the three of them started talking about how they could never find the right socks to go with their shoes. They wished for a better design that both looked and felt good in any shoe. And just like that, over a bottle of wine, Le Bon Shoppe was born. Their attention aimed towards beautiful textiles, subtle designs and prismatic colours with the intention to always provide the best quality at a lovely price.

Come by our store and convince yourself about the great quality, design and fair price of theses socks!

Our assortment includes the Le 'boyfriend' sock, the glittery 'Her' sock and the 'Her' sock in a nice solid color selection: