House of Dagmar is a Swedish fashion house based in Stockholm, run by the three sisters Karin Söderlind, Kristina Tjäder and Sofia Wallenstam. They all have a background in the fashion industry and joined forces to bring together their creative minds in order to design a sophisticated range of fashion-forward, wearable womenswear. Charmingly, they named their label after their late grandmother Dagmar, who was a tailor by profession. 

The brand House of Dagmar is sophisticated and is featuring architectural designs and specialises in expressive knitwear. The collections are characterised by stylised natural forms, geometrical shapes and a utilitarian design. Inspiration is taken from architecture, contemporary art and culture. Choosing materials and designs that are long-lasting yet kind to the earth - humans and animals are an important aspect to the brand.


Image Source: @houseofdagmar


House of Dagmar has been making work- and woman-friendly clothing since 2005. A few years ago, the three sisters got really serious about sustainability: They for example introduced a "Good Choice" tag that guarantees a garment’s green credentials. But that's not all: certified viscose, organic cotton, pet friendly fur, mulesing-free merino wool, recycled polyester, chrome-free leather, lyocell fibres and eco-regenerated cashmere are some of the materials featured in the collections.

"We strive to be at the forefront in both the search and use of new environmentally friendly fabrics. Therefore, we are involved in several projects that actively work towards developing new fabrics and production methods."

House of Dagmar

The three sisters of House of Dagmar. Image Source: @houseofdagmar


The brand has always strived to create timeless clothing made from long-lasting materials with the ambition to offer garments with a longer lifespan than the average clothing item. Throughout the production processes, they work with suppliers who take care of their employees and work with production methods that are not endangering or harming the eco-system. House of Dagmar aspires to create classical pieces with character, so that women wearing them feel empowered and can easily combine different pieces from different collections together. By designing classical yet expressive clothes in high-quality materials, they believe that the item can be worn year after year. All of these steps are moving the sisters closer to their goal of becoming a fully sustainable company.

We love the refined cuts and materials, which can easily transition from day to night. In their clothing you can feel and see the high standard that House of Dagmar set themselves. Come by and discover our latest Swedish crush for yourselves!



Image Source: @houseofdagmar