Who doesn´t love unique and conscientiously produced home accessories that are both beautiful and useful at the same time?

Kathrin Eckhardt Studio offers exactly this: Baskets, bags and garments designed in Zurich and manufactured using traditional Ghanaian craftsmanship in the Greater Accra Region.

“We believe in a mindful and conscious production. Only when a product is being carefully manufactured, it can inspire people beyond its material value”, says founder and designer Kathrin Eckhardt.

Kathrin Eckhardt Studio believes in social empowerment, products with a soul and a united world. With this mindset, the Swiss fashion stylist from Zurich founded her label two years ago in Ghana, West Africa, far from the safety and comfort zone of her home. The Swiss designer combines contemporary European designs with African craftsmanship, using local resources to create a collection that unites both worlds. The limited resources and opportunities available to the people of West Africa are what the collection thrives on, the beauty of the Ghanaian culture fascinates and inspires.

Image source: @kathrineckhardtstudio instagram account

We are proud to offer you an exclusive Kathrin Eckhardt Studio capsule collection in our shop: laundry and flat baskets named "The Netting Collection".

Image Source: @kathrineckhardtstudio

The Netting Collection was exclusively designed for our store and refers to knit details we use in our own knitwear collections, such as the cross stitch detail at the top of the baskets. The colors are kept in a warm plum and a natural beige. The baskets are perfect as a functional design piece for your home: they can either serve as a laundry basket, to store blankets or other things, or simply as a design object in itself they will look precious, too! Come by and discover the lovely collection in our store!