For this Valentine's Day we draw inspiration from Hollywood's great style icons and present you jewellery that a modern Bardot, Monroe or Kelly would wear. The pieces of jewellery were put in scene by the famous women more than 50 years ago and remain always contemporary due to their timeless style.



With her sensual beauty, self-determined femininity and eroticism, Brigitte Bardot significantly paved the way for the sexual revolution and created a new image of a woman who was allowed to be sexy and self-confident. When selecting accessories, she was equally fearless and did not shy away from bold statement jewellery with a wow factor.



Our counterpart to Bardots large link necklace, the Faris Classic Chain Collar, is shorter and features organically shaped links. But its statement is as clear as its inspiration´s from 50 years ago: the Faris Classic Chain Collar is bold, sensual and energetic, it pairs equally with a LBD as well as with Jeans and a T-Shirt.


The modern version of Bardot's statement earrings are a pair of beautifully dangling earrings with onyx stones, quartz and glass beads. Playful in colour, elegant in form.


Hoop earrings are exciting and radiate vitality and strength. Especially large hoops stand for the image of a free, independent woman as Brigitte was. Our wavy and organically shaped creoles by Faris demonstrate how old-school can be interpreted in a modern way.


With Mirit Weinstein´s collection we interpret Bardot's oversized hoop creoles in a playful yet sensual way: two classics (the creole shape and pearls as a material) are being united in a single piece of jewellery. Together they are a real power pack, a second glance can hardly be avoided.



The actress with the "golden ratio"-proportions not only captivated with a flawless face, her style also remains timelessly beautiful. Pearls were one of her favourite pieces of jewellery and underlined her classic feminine look.


The modern counterpart to Grace Kelly's pearl earrings comes from our new Faris collection: a finely waved creole with a classic shape that nestles close to the ear and lets a pearl drop. Wonderfully imperfect.


Not your usual pearl earring but perfect for everyday wear. The beautiful piece from Sophie Buhai´s collection has a delicate sterling silver structure with a big size dropped crystal pearl.


We are translating Kelly´s Clip-ons into Sophie Buhai´s Orb statement earrings: Bold, eye-catching, yet classic head-turners.


Marilyn Monroe

The pretty blonde, eternally underrated and misunderstood, can easily be called the mother of all icons. Compared to today's sex symbols, Marilyn was a woman who was deeply desired by men, but also spoke from the soul of women. No one embodied the American dream like her and made the fairy tale of Cinderella come true.


As unconventionally seductive as Marilyn are these charmingly asymmetrical earrings by Faris. They captivate with an enchantingly artistic touch and consist of pearls and gemstones that sensually dangle and dance on your ear lobe.


The way the playful collar made Monroe shine even more, our necklace by Sophie Buhai captivates with an eye-catcher of a sweet heart pendant. It delicately clings to your neck, yet catches your eye immediately.


More Style Icons

There would be many more strong women to name who inspire with their style and personality. Here are a couple more jewellery pieces, that can be found in our store in Zurich, inspired by Catherine Deneuve and Romy Schneider.


The colourful carnelian gemstones by Faris are timelessly elegant but keep a playful look due to their sculptural setting in bronze bezels. Not a bit old-fashioned!


Just the way Catherine Deneuve's carefree femininity was underlined by her casual creoles, Sophie Buhai's silver earrings will accompany you through the day easily and playfully adapt to every outfit and every occasion.


This necklace is like a tribute to Romy Schneider. The beautiful black onyx stones are expressive and reflect self-confidence and joy for experimentation. Sophie Buhai´s onyx Collar demonstrates versatility jus as Romy did - who embodied roles from Sissi to a passionate lover.